Arrival update

Dear loyal readers (basically, hi mom!),

I've arrived safely in Jerusalem. I've been really busy, and that, combined with walking about 7 miles a day in 90 degree heat, has made it really difficult for me to blog in the evenings because I tend to fall asleep moments after I'm released from the day's programming. I've been told that the pace should slow down in a few days, so I should be able to blog more.

For now, a few quick thoughts, which I'll probably expand on in the coming days (I have a feeling that they'll be themes for the whole experience, really)

  1. This place is really complicated. Like, really, really complicated, on so many levels. 
  2. Living overseas in a place where you don't speak the language or understand the culture is completely different from being a tourist. It's very disconcerting; the best way to describe it is that I often feel like a child.

Hope to post more soon.